My mother Charlotte on the farm in Virginia
My mother as a child
My mother as a tomboy
My mother as a respectable student
My mother with her favourite dog, Duke
My mother taking Lida Martin, a family friend aged three, for a ride on the farm. The man standing beside them is 'Uncle Harrison', a greatly beloved old man ... more»
My grandfather, Robert Kyle Temple, of Hamilton, Ohio. Born October 15, 1868; died 1944. Son of Oliver Temple and Sallie Kyle
Robert Kyle Temple
My grandfather, Robert Kyle Temple, as a small child.
Sugar Loaf Mountain, near Cave Spring, Virginia. This 'mountain', which was really a hill, was the 'mountain in the back yard' of my grandparents' farm in Virginia. It was ... more»
This is the house in Salem, Virginia, where my grandparents lived in the winter. During the summer, they lived on their farm.
When my grandfather Robert Temple was eleven years old, his mother died of diabetes. A few days before she died, she asked for him to come to see her in bed, and she gave ... more»
My grandmother Lottie Miller at the age of nine months, in February of 1872
My grandmother shortly before her death in 1950 at the age of 80. She was always reading, so this was not an artifical pose. I hope one day to edit her unfinished autobiography. ... more»
My grandmother, Charlotte (‘Lottie’) Miller, a photo taken in December 1894. She was born May 29, 1871, in Cincinnati, Ohio, so in this photo she is aged 23, long after she had settled down from ... more»
The card of my great-great-uncle Robert Agnew, at the time he was still a purser of this Mississippi steamboat, the Hudson. Later he became a captain of a steamboat, ... more»
My great-grandfather, Oliver H. Temple, born March 14, 1838; died April 13, 1882
My great-grandfather Joseph W. Miller of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was an officer, decorated for extraordinary bravery, in the 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. Later in ... more»
My great-grandfather, Joseph Miller (aka Mond)
My great-grandfather Joseph W. Miller (aka Mond), at the time of his marriage to my great-grandmother Eliza Jane Leonard. This was before the Civil War began and he went off to fight ... more»
This is the commission to make my great-grandfather Joseph W. Miller (aka Mond) a Second Lieutenant in the 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War (click on the image to see a bigger version). He ... more»
This small military badge is only about an inch and a half high. It has the thirteen stars and thirteen stripes of the original American flag (representing the first thirteen states). It is from the Civil War ... more»
My great-grandmother Eliza Jane Leonard, at the time of her marriage to Joseph W. Miller
My great-grandmother Catherine Emmert, who came from Germany. I still have the red woollen blankets which she brought with her to America, and which were the blankets ... more»
Oliver Temple
My great-grandmother, Sarah ('Sallie') Elizabeth Kyle, married Oliver Temple. Born October 8, 1845; died February 25, 1878.
My great-grandmother, Sarah ('Sallie') Elizabeth Temple, nee Kyle.
My great-grandmother Sarah Elizabeth (‘Sallie’) Kyle, when she was a child. She later married my great-grandfather Oliver H. Temple. She was born October 8, 1845, so this ... more»
My cousin Celia Conklin, born December, 13, 1892 in Central City, Nebraska, daughter of John Edward Conklin and Lucy S. Perkins. Celia’s mother Lucy Perkins was the daughter ... more»
My great-great aunt, Mrs Charles H. Beers, (née Leonard) , of Littleton, Colorado. This photo was taken in 1890. She is the mother of the five Beers Sisters, who have become ... more»
My great-great aunt, Eleanora (‘Ella’) Leonard, who was born March 5, 1846, in Cincinnati, Ohio, youngest (12th) child of my great-great grandparents John and Sarah ... more»
My cousin Maggie Hainline, who married the Rev. Alfred E. Carnahan. She was the daughter of my great-great aunt Charlotte (“Dollie”) Leonard and George W. Hainline, of ... more»
Cousin Leonard ('Lennie') Hainline, who lived to be 106. I knew him when I was a child.
Cousin Ida Hainline (Mrs. John D. Poynter, a childless widow for most of her life), who died at an advanced aged in 1952. Cousin Ida was my grandmother's closest friend within the extended family. They always spent their summers together when they were girls.
My great-aunt Sallie Miller (aka Mond), aged 18 months, She married Charles Kitts of Kentucky. They ... more»
My great-aunt Sallie Miller, aged 3
My great-aunt Sallie Miller (aka Mond), who never had any children with her husband, Uncle Charlie Kitts
My Uncle Charlie Kitts, who was a 32nd degree Mason and was in the automobile business
My great-grandmother Eliza Jane Miller, née Leonard, who married Joseph W. Miller (aka Mond), of Cincinnati, Ohio. This photo was taken in the mid-1890s. She ... more»
My great-great uncle Allen Temple, born Monday October 25, 1841, and died unmarried on Wednesday October 26, 1904, at 7pm, aged 63 years and one day. He was ... more»
Calvin Moore of Kinmundy, Illinois
Catherine Moore (née Leonard), wife of Calvin Moore
The first of five photos of my cousin Ellis Moore (1884-1941). He was the Republican Congressman for the 15th District of Ohio for seven terms, from 1919 to 1933... more»
Ellis Moore
Ellis Moore
Ellis Moore
Ellis Moore
My great-great uncle William Boyd (‘Boyd’) Leonard, of New Orleans, with his son Elmer. Uncle Boyd was born May 30, 1836 and died June 15, 1914. Uncle Boyd ... more»
My great-great aunt Leontine (‘Lontie’) Clarkson, of Kentucky. She married my my great-great uncle, William Boyd Leonard, of New Orleans. She was a ... more»
My great-great uncle Elmer Boyd Leonard of New Orleans, who died tragically young at the age of only 26. He was son of William Boyd Leonard and Leontine Clarkson, ... more»
My great-great-great-uncle Martin Steffy of Littlestown, Pennsylvania, aged 90 (he died aged 92). He was brother of my great-great grandmother, ... more»
The first of three photos, from youth to old age, of my great-great-uncle Ambrose Temple. He was a partner with my great-grandfather Oliver Temple in the law firm of ... more»
Ambrose Temple, my great-great-uncle
Ambrose Temple
My great-great-uncle Edward George Mendenhall, Junior, who on April 8, 1869, married my great-great-aunt Eleanora ('Ella') Leonard, who was born ... more»
My great-great uncle Ambrose Temple. He was a law partner in the firm of Temple & Temple of Cincinnati with my great-grandfather Olivia Temple. Uncle Ambrose was a ... more»
My cousin Mary Temple Hobart, now Mrs. Ted Lazaraton, of Chicago. She is the grand-daughter of my Aunt Mame and Uncle Sidney. At this time husband and children were far in the future, and she was still living in Cincinnati, Ohio
I am on the right, aged 13, with my face in shadow. These are my relatives at that time in Knoxville, Tennessee. At the left is my Great-Aunt Bess. Her maiden name was Bess Rickets. We are sitting on her ... more»
My great-great uncle George Washington Leonard (his wife Margaret Morrison is right). Uncle George was an intimate friend ... more»
Uncle George's wife, Margaret Morrison (born in Scotland in 1834, married George in 1867, they had no children)
Mrs Scott. This woman was my great- grandmother Eliza Miller's best friend during the Civil War period, when they both kept each other company while their husbands ... more»
My Great Aunt Mame and Great Uncle Tom. They are the younger brother and younger sister of my grandfather, Robert Kyle Temple. She was ... more»
My Great-Great Aunt Jennie Kyle. She was born 1841 and died January 13, 1912. Read more about her and her family here.
My great-great-grandmother, Indiana Miller (called ‘Annie’), who was born June 25, 1818, in Butler County, Ohio, and died July 6, 1898. She married ... more»
My cousin Mary Louise Temple, daughter of my great-uncle Thomas Dixon Temple II of Columbia, South Carolina. She married a Longley of Lake Forest, ... more»
My Great Aunt ‘Mame’, i.e., Mary Millikin Temple, younger sister of my grandfather, Robert Kyle Temple. Read more about her and her family here.
My cousin Thomas Dixon Temple III of Columbia, South Carolina. He was the son of my great-uncle, Thomas Dixon Temple II. 
My great-uncle and godfather, Dr. Sidney Durst, when he was young. He married my grandfather’s younger sister, Mary Temple, my Aunt Mame. Uncle Sidney was a brilliant organist, and was the head of the ... more»
Here also is the only photo I have of me and Uncle Sidney together; unfortunately, it is double-exposed with a photo of some trees and a field, but we can still be seen ... more»
Uncle Sidney playing the organ for us in Cincinnatti
My cousin Ida Leonard Hainline, born June 12, 1866, died January 26, 1952. She was daughter of Sam M. Hainline (‘Uncle Sam’, born July 23, 1825, and died December 2, 1911) ... more»
My cousin Leonard (‘Lennie’) Hainline of Kentucky, who lived to be 101, and died in 1965. He is affectionately holding my cousin Joyce Lancaster, who nowadays is married ... more»
This is a wedding photo of my cousin Betty Braley, with her bridegroom David Pyle. Betty was a model when she was young, appearing on the covers of many ... more»
This is my Cousin Marene. She was a ball of fire. Her maiden name was Marene Cockerell, and she was born in 1910, I believe in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. I can’t give ... more»
With my cousin Harriet King in Denver, Colorado. I have nearly thirty cousins in Denver, and one in Boulder. They are a prolific branch of the family!
Mary Lou Johnston (cousin) in the Chick Inn at Louisville, Kentucky  
My 'Tibetan cousin'. This is the adopted daughter of my cousin Olivia Motch, who lives in the Hamptons on Long Island. Her name is Tsewang Choden, and she is now ... more»
Tsewang Choden, my 'Tibetan cousin' 
My dear friend and distant cousin Austin Pendleton, who lives in New York 
I have always felt very protective towards our godson, Laurie Priester-Reading. He is the son of Anna-Clare Hillier, whom we have known since she was 18. Now Laurie is grown up himself, and time marches on. Photo by Olivia.  
With my cousin Robert de Bosmelet, in front of his chateau, the Chateau de Bosmelet, in Normandy.