Robert Temple - Author of The Sphinx Mystery

‘Safe sex, Egyptian style!’ This is a fragment of a wall carving, preserved at Karnak, showing the ancient Egyptian god Min, that is, showing the most relevant portion of his anatomy. Min always looks like he is wrapped in latex, which I call Min’s ‘body condom’. This is meant to represent a state of mummification, like the god Ptah, although really only partial mummification, since in both their cases, their heads and faces are unwrapped and very alert. The most prominent feature of Min is his erect penis. He was another of those Egyptian gods who was eager to spread life throughout the Universe with his sperm. His penis is circumcised. Many people do not realize that circumcision was originated by the ancient Egyptians (this is recorded by Herodotus), and that the Jews, Colchians (of the coast of modern day Georgia) and Ethiopians adopted the practice from them. It seems that Min, who goes back to the Pre-Dynastic Period in Egypt and was an extremely ancient god, was originally identified with the constellation of Orion, which is another connection between Orion and panspermia ideas, which we have found amongst both the Egyptians and the ancient Aryans, as I explain in the text. This photo, taken by myself, could not be included in the publication by the Journal, and so I have added it here. The god Min has never been studied sufficiently. The only monograph about him which is known to me is in German, C. J. Bleeker’s Die Geburt eines Gottes: Eine Studie über den Ägyptischen Gott Min und Sein Fest (The Birth of a God: A Study concerning the Egyptian God Min and His Festival), Leiden, 1956. I have a copy of this extremely rare book, but it has no index and therefore to obtain information from it, one has to read through the whole book, which I have never done. Bleeker confirms (page 2) that the appearance of Min as having only one arm is not because he does not have the other one (his left), but because it ‘remains invisible’ (as he is always shown in profile). Some people call Min a one-armed god, but he was not.


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